Pirate Plus Rank

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About Pirate+

Supercharge your Castaway experience without breaking the bank!

Get many of the Pirate Rank perks for a fraction of the price...

Bonus Offer

Get a free Monthly Crate each time your subscription renews!

Skip the Queue!

Server Queue? Not for you!
Skip all server queues and instantly join any Castaway server.

Emojify Expressions

Use Emoji found through /emoji in-game in your chat messages.

Auction Up

Raise the stakes with up to 20 different items listed on the Auction House (/ah) at once.

Show it Off!

Get an awesome PIRATE+ tag before your name, and show off your items by typing [item] in chat.

Disguise Yourself!

Turn into a Cow, Pig, Sheep, Villager, Mushroom, Fox, Cat, Dog, Creeper, Enderman, Skeleton, Llama, Panda, Dolphin or Horse at will!

Explore the Head Database

Get access to a curated library of specially designed player heads to improve your buildings, designs and provide extra atmosphere to your creations.

Expressionism - in sign form

Format and colour your signs using '&' colour codes, making eye-catching shops and town decorations.

Jelly Legs

Say goodbye to fall-damage, jellify your legs and bounce around the world!

Also Get

150% McMMO Bonus

Map Tool Access


/sell all


Type /kits in-game to preview the Pirate+ kit!